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Isn't it time?

To get back to  who were you  before the world told you who you should be?  


Let’s dive in together!

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Women of Worth
Ongoing monthly women's group.

Join my women's group! 

Are you searching for something more? Does something feel missing in your life? Maybe you’ve started your “journey” but feel lost and alone. Or looking for a better way to be in your life? With more peace, more love. Sometimes life just takes over and we no longer see ourselves in it.


If any of this is you, then this is the group for you!


This group began in Sept of 2022 and will meet once a month.  The cost is just $25 per month. The group is limited to 10 participants, but don't worry - there will be a wait list as each group fills.

**Update-We now have 2 groups and a wait list for 3 so feel free to jump in anytime! e-mail

**Wait list also for a Zoom group to start in January so if you are far away-email me and get on the list!


My journey began over 10 years ago.

I was running a successful chiropractic office with my husband, and began to feel I had something more to give. I was being pulled towards something.  My soul was yearning to be more in alignment with my purpose.  But I had no idea what that even meant.


Now, I'm an Intuitive Life and Health Coach who guides women through a process of reconnecting with their bodies!  Releasing the programs, the stories we have all bought into, releasing them all so we can return to ourselves.  Our true selves.  

Connecting body, mind and spirit we work together to remove the obstacles that are holding you back!  Shed unwanted weight, both physical and emotional.  Let's jump on a free call and see how we can work together to move out of stress, fear and conflict and step into more joy and peace!

Susan Hoyle
Health and LifeCoach
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