Let Me guess

Stress of 2020 got you down?  Struggling with managing the times we are living in?

You're so exhausted at the end of the day you feel like you have nothing left to give?


Are you  looking for another way to move through the craziness of our world today?  Tired but wired, not sleeping, having trouble navigating the world we are now living in? 

Are you are at a place if your life where you are ready to dive deeper,  you know something has got to give but don't know where to start? 

Looking for your purpose but know you aren't living it - yet??

Good News!  You’re in the right place!


How do I know?


Because I was you, 10 years ago.


Deep down you’re questioning where everything went wrong.  What happened to that feeling of joy you used to carry every where you went?


Why can’t you muster up enough energy to go for a walk?  Let alone to the gym!


You’ve tried all the latest diets but nothing seems to work.  


You’re so confused by all the different opinions out there these days that you throw you hands up and settle in with your favorite numbing agent.  Is it wine?  Amazon shopping?  Food?  Pick your poison!  You feel better temporarily but wake up feeling depleted.  Feeing you’re letting yourself down.  

And now we have 2020 to contend with?  Where does it end?  

Isn't it time?

To get back to your healthiest and happiest version?


Who were you before the world told you who you should be?


Let’s dive in together!

My journey began over 10 years ago.  While I was running a successful chiropractic office with my husband (the chiropractor) I began to feel I had something more to give.  Something other than running this office, answering the phones, booking appointments.  Now granted, I was so much more than that, anyone will tell you.  But inside.  That was how I felt.  I shared this with very few people because most people would look at my life and say “I had it all!”  


I was so unhappy within my self but incapable at the time of seeing beyond my intellectual thinking enough to “go within” and discover my true calling.  My true gifts.  Looking back this was my first experience of my soul sending me DAILY messages trying to wake up and get busy!  ;)  But it wasn’t until I ended up with an ulcer that I truly began to listen, and go within…But where to start? I had no idea….BUT….


I knew something was brewing inside me that needed to be expressed! 

Susan Hoyle INHC

So I began with a year long course at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition!  Always wanted to take this course and so grateful I was able to do it!  As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach you learn so much, not just about dietary theories but about a whole range of holistic healthcare available today.  You experience these theories first hand, which opened me up to a whole new way of looking at health!


After my year with IIN I really opened the door to my soul.  And I wanted more!  So I signed up for a year long course on Modern Shamanism.  I was fascinated with the Native American way of healing, and thinking about our world.  It was truly life changing for me.  And again, I wanted more!


So I began another year long journey to learn Reiki.  Became a Reiki Master/Teacher and within that same year I dove into Raindrop Therapy through C.A.R.E.  This group is certified to teach the traditional Raindrop Technique developed by Dr. Gary Young from Young Living Essential Oils.  

At this point I once again found myself at that point of KNOWING...



This has evolved into sharing my journey with others!

I am a Holistic Life Coach whose purpose is to guide women in transition through a process of self discovery and empowerment so they can fully connect body, mind and soul. Through intuitive coaching, reiki energy healing they begin to move towards a life of energy, vitality.  Learning to balance body, mind and soul! 

Starting from the inside out!  

Serving Columbia, MO, Ashland, MO, Jefferson City, MO and surrounding  areas in person and anywhere via Voxer and Zoom. 

101 Redtail Dr., Suite A

Ashland, MO 65010


Tel: 573-819-7513

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