About Susan

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Hello, I’m Susan Hoyle

I am an Amazon bestselling author of "365 Days of Self Love" (get that book here) an Intuitive Coach and Change Maker.  Wife of 26 years, Mother to 2. Business owner, marketing extraordinaire, and deep diver into everything spiritual!  


What is an Intuitive Coach and how did I end up here?

An Intuitive Life Coach works specifically with a person’s mindset, how you see yourself and how you fit into your life, assisting you in looking at your life in a whole new light, becoming aware of why things are the way they are. Instead of looking at a specific situation, an intuitive life coach guides you to connect your current situation with habits and blocks that continue to show up.  Asking yourself why these same lessons keep showing up!  We dive into inner child work, healing past wounds, looking within yourself, getting rid of shame and blame!   An intuitive life coach helps you to tap into your own wisdom, going within yourself and finding your own answers, your inner knowing has always known!

How'd I end Up Here?

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) I always saw the world differently.  Always glass half full.  Always looking at the big picture.  Outside the box.  Questioning everything! I was about 10 when I discovered I could "read a room" and know what people were feeling.  But thought nothing of it as I just assumed everyone had this gift.  This gift eventually allowed me to become a magnet for those in emotional need, which progressed into a complete (and not healthy) RESCUER of everyone.  


Yep!  That's me.  From childhood on...I knew I could feel the emotions of others, and with no guidance in any of this, I started to take on these emotions as my own.  Desperately trying to rescue people from themselves.  Yes, I know, pretty dysfunctional! 


I wanted to KNOW things.  Not just regular things, but deep things.  I just had a yearning for exploring this universe we all live in.  What is it all about?  Why are we here?  What is MY purpose?


 Like many of us, life just takes over and the next thing I knew I was 45, married with 2 kids, running my husband and my busy chiropractic office.  It was about this time this calling from childhood got louder, that voice inside, or that feeling inside...."is this it?"  That was my question.  Is this rat race we call life, it?


What is my purpose for all of this?  Yes, I love my family more than anything, and am blessed with a business that allows me to grow and serve my community of patients, this I love.  But suddenly I needed more.  I needed to find what it was "I" was looking for.  Some call it a mid-life crisis, I love Brene' Brown's take on it.  (In the graphic to the left!)

So, I dove headfirst into learning.  Anything and everything.  Bible studies, spiritual texts, the mystics of old, and new thought concepts, I landed first at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, became a certified health coach, then moved into a year long study of Modern Shamanism, to spending 2 years studying and becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher and a 3-day intensive on essential oils, oils of the bible, chemistry of oils, emotional release with oils and became certified in Raindrop Technique.  Some things resonated with me, and some did not.  I worked with a few mentors, weekly for a while.  Who allowed me to unwind my story and begin to heal the wounds of the past (yes, we ALL have these!) and begin to step into my TRUEST SELF.  The person we all began as.  The person we all yearn to return to.  I believe "going within" is the way to peace and connection with our higher power, whatever that is for YOU.  


While this is a lifelong ongoing process for me, I have taken all of these experiences to create a specific program to assist you in "Igniting the spark" within and step back into your personal power so you can be the change in your own life.  Improving your relationships with yourself and all of those around you!  


What's my Purpose?

Assisting women in their own unfolding!  Holding space for you to tell your story and listen without judgement.  Allowing you to heal those inner wounds that keep showing up for you in the form of relationships, jobs, friends and experiences.  Yes!  They keep showing up until we heal!  We have to feel it to heal it!  This is why as we change, those around us cannot help but change too.  Just by our presence and the love we have to offer, we can shift our relationships.  As we regain the love of self we have so much more to give!  Remove the obstacles that hold you back!  Move beyond FEAR and into LOVE! Be the Change Maker you came here to be!


Isn't it time? 


If not now, when?

Susan Hoyle INHC
Transformational Coach
Intuitive Reiki Master