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About Susan

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Hello, I’m Susan Hoyle

I am an Amazon bestselling author of "365 Days of Self Love" (get that book here) a Health and Life Coach and Change Maker.  Wife of 26 years, Mother to 2. Business owner, marketing extraordinaire, and deep diver into everything spiritual!  My passion is assisting other women in seeing themselves in a whole new way!  Working together to bring health both physically and spiritually! Body-Mind-Spirit.  Less Stress-More Joy!


What is a Health and Life Coach and how did I end up here?

I guide women through a process of reconnecting with their bodies! Yes!  Their bodies!  As women we have walked away from our physical bodies, out of survival usually!  As we reconnect, releasing the programs and stories we have all bought into that tell us who we are, what we need to look like, how we should think and be in our world! 


As we begin to shift this, we begin to release all this "weight" that is not ours to carry.  As we move into self love, loving who we are, right here, right now!  The weight begins to come off.  Coming home to ourselves, accepting ourselves, forgiving ourselves, releasing expectations of ourselves,   allows our bodies to return to balance.  When we release the weight we carry (within), we no longer need to hold on to this physical weight we are holding on to.    

How'd I end Up Here?

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) I always saw the world differently.  Always glass half full.  Always looking at the big picture.  Outside the box.  Questioning everything! I was about 8 when I discovered I could "read a room" and know what people were feeling.  But thought nothing of it as I just assumed everyone had this gift.  This gift eventually allowed me to become a magnet for those in emotional need, which progressed into a complete (and not healthy) RESCUER of everyone.  


Yep!  That's me.  From childhood on...I knew I could feel the emotions of others, and with no guidance in any of this, I started to take on these emotions as my own.  Desperately trying to rescue people from themselves.  Yes, I know, pretty dysfunctional! 

 Like many of us, life just takes over and the next thing I knew I was 45, married with 2 kids, running my husband and my busy chiropractic office.  It was about this time this calling from childhood got louder, that voice inside, or that feeling inside...."is this it?"  That was my question.  Is this rat race we call life, it?


What is my purpose in all of this?  Yes, I love my family more than anything, and am blessed with a business that allows me to grow and serve my community of patients, this I love.  At about 45-46 I no longer recognized myself in this beautiful life I had taken part in creating.  And suddenly I needed more.  I needed to find what it was "I" was looking for.  Some call it a mid-life crisis, I love Brene' Brown's take on it.  (In the graphic to the left!). I found through this journey, it is really about coming home to ourselves.

My journey has been long, hard and even grueling at times, and I’ve experienced every emotion there is and pretty sure found new ones I didn’t know I had! But it’s been amazing. Looking back I cannot imagine where’d I’d be today without all this unfolding! So much joy these days! 

After this awareness, I dove head first into education, yes, my analytical left brain took over!  Beginning with a year long course through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where you literally get exposed to everything holistic health oriented by some of the most well known health experts around! After graduating with my Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certification I remember saying to myself, “I don’t really want my work to be just sitting down and telling people what to eat.”  And so my journey continued. 

I spent the next year taking four different courses to receive my Reiki Master certification. Reiki was an amazing experience learning to move energy in the body and really learned how energy sensitive and intuitive I am and what that actually means!  I was beginning to put my childhood pieces together at this point! 💥But was still unsure of what my “work” would be. My contribution to this world. So on I went. 

Spent another year learning, Modern Shamanism, which was a lot about understanding this life force energy, and how it resides in the body. Dark and light.How we all have a shadow side that needs to be brought to light so it doesn’t control you!  Interesting stuff and brought up a lot of healing within me that year! And I wanted more…healing.

This took me to St. Louis for a Raindrop Therapy Intensive training through Young Livings C.A.R.E. program where I learned everything essential oils-Chemistry of Oils, Oils of the Bible, Emotional Release with Oils and how frequency of oils assists our body in releasing stuck emotions. Whew! It was amazing! At this point I had incorporated oils and emotional release with my Reiki practice and things were going really well. 

I was also working a lot with patients in our office with Nutrition Response Testing that Dr.Hoyle and I do. Intuitively guiding patients into a healthier lifestyle and wanted to take this to the next level.

Started the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program in 2020. This pulled everything together from my days at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and my countless seminars in whole food healing. 

Through this process of my own healing over the past 10 years, I had gained weight and I was not feeling good about it. So by the end of August of this year (2022)  I embarked on a whole food (mostly) plant based lifestyle. I know, for me, I feel better with this lifestyle. (I also KNOW every “body” is different. So this may not work for you-this is part of what I teach people - to "know"-what works for YOU!) 

 I went through our 21 Day Purification Program at our office (Hoyle Chiropractic and Holistic Solutions), highly recommend this program!  I have done it countless times but this time I had healed so much of myself that it was a completely different experience.  Let's just say it changed me from the inside out, literally! 


This assisted me in resetting my taste buds. AND I got myself back in my kitchen! In a big way! (Join - Show Me Wellness-The Conscious Kitchen- free FB group if this interests you).

So….reflecting on all of this personal journey the past 10 years while also running Hoyle Chiropractic, attending many nutrition seminars, learning how whole food (real food) can heal the body, as well as blood work analysis to guide me, I now have a bigger picture of what my “work” going forward will be.  And I can't wait to share!


This recent growth brings with it a NEW PROGRAM!!

What is it?


Susan's Signature Program! - (also listed under my "work with Susan" tab on the website.) While I will still be offering my reiki sessions on the biomat (and recently adding the ChiMachine) my coaching sessions will be shifting. They will be encompassing the whole person. Mind-Body-Spirit.


What does this look like?  We will sit down and discuss where you are, what’s not working, where you want to go, what’s your intention going forward for your life, and finding your passion and purpose! We will discuss your blocks, your fears that are holding you back. Your attachments (this is a big one!) and yes your lifestyle! If we want to be truly healthy in body-mind-and spirit we have to nourish ourselves! This includes food of course but also self care, self love and your inner passions! Yes!  Your PURPOSE! 


These sessions will be twice a month (in person or Zoom) with a 3 month commitment. Includes bloodwork as we will be working on lifestyle changes as well as diving in to your emotional world! Nothing is off the table!  This is a full access program.  💃🏻💕💥


Through my own healing and working with women from all over the country, from all facets of life, I can tell you.  Somewhere along the way, women have, on some level, left their bodies!  It is the only way I can explain it.  We have walked away from ourselves, our intuition (which is our superpower!!!), that inner knowing that has guided women for centuries.  We have all shut it down!  I am here to help you get it back!  Remember who you are!  Listen to your soul.  What is it calling you to go?  Where is it trying to get your attention in your life? If you have read this far on this website this is definitely the program for you!

It is my belief that as we change ourselves, as women, we have a ripple affect that permeates into the world. I want to assist women in making these changes! In coming home to yourself! For you, your family, your community and the world. 💕🌎 💫

This program is for the woman who’s ready for change once and for all. Who values herself (or wants to) and wants to step into her truest self! Acknowledging her gifts she came here to offer. Yes everyone has gifts! 💃🏻 The woman who is ready for a lifestyle overhaul! Who often wonders “why am I here? What’s my purpose? Is this all there is?” If this is you- then you are ready! Let’s do this! 💪🏼

For more information on any of my programs feel free to email me @


Free 15 minute consult to see if you are a fit for this program.  


Isn't it time? 


If not now, when?

Aren't YOU worth it?

Susan Hoyle INHC
Intuitive Life Coach

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