Susan Hoyle INHC
Holistic Life Coach
Intuitive Reiki Master

Hello, I’m Susan Hoyle

I am a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Reiki Master Practitioner, Certified Spiritual Healer and Ordained Minister. 


How did I beome a Healer?


I am (partly) the business manager for our busy chiropractic practice in Ashland, MO.  Dr. Ron Hoyle (my other half!) is the chiropractor providing specific Gonstead chiropractic to our many patients while we both work together providing Nutrition Response Testing and Whole Food Nutrition counseling to our patients.  I have integrated my passion for healing into Hoyle Chiropractic and Holistic Solutions!  We truly ARE a Holistic Center! Everything from chiropractic, massage therapy, life coaching, reiki, raindrop to personal 1:1 consults on nutrition.  We have something for everyone!


What's my Purpose?

When I am not busy running our successful chiropractic practice and being the Whole Food Nutrition expert,  I am fortunate enough to share my purpose with clients  working as a Holistic Life Coach.  My skills assist women  in transition in life by empowering them to dive deep into themselves.  Remember who they are!  As you can see. healing is my passion.  It has taken me a long time to arrive at this awareness of "knowing" my purpose, and it is through that journey I have gained the tools to assist others in their own unfolding as they awaken to their life purpose and explore ways of living with more joy and balance. 


Working with clients and supporting them on with their own unfolding, assisting them in removing the obstacles to their body's  healing, while guiding them towards their own awareness of the blocks they have created that separate them from the life they desire.  That's what I live for!  This has become my purpose. 


We all need support from time to time and it is my honor to provide whatever I can as it is needed. 

101 Redtail Dr., Suite A

Ashland, MO 65010


Tel: 573-819-7513

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