Letting Go!

“Letting Go.” Ahhhh.... those two little words that we all find so difficult. I had a discussion with a coaching client this week, about dreams, goals and manifesting. I think for most people it’s easy to talk about the life they want to live. The places they want to go. The things they want to do. But I think it’s the manifesting part where people run into difficulty. I believe manifesting begins with putting out into the Universe what it is you truly want. Whether it’s a relationship, health, a new job, better relationships with your loved ones.




It’s what we do after we put our intentions “out there!” We let it go!! Meaning....we aren’t attached to the outcome! Yes, this is the hard part. That means we get up every day and we move in the direction of where we want to go. But then we must trust, and have “patience” that it will come when the time is right. The more we learn to let go, the more it frees up the energy within us to receive that which is already on its way. 😳🤔💥




And sometimes I find when we become clear about our direction, and intentions...patience becomes key...because sometimes....we need to let the Universe catch up to our dreams! 💫🙌🏼💞















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